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Loring Nicollet Visit - In the Studio

By Jake Armerding
April 15, 2018

It's an uphill battle keeping any kid's interest for long … but especially if that kid is a teenager who's probably already dealt with a lot more challenges than you'll ever face.  But we decided to try anyway.  

Loring Nicollet is a "kid sister" school for us here at the Good Arts Collective.  They fully qualify as the underfunded, crowded-out part of our society — exactly the kind of situation GAC was created for.  We don't have much, but we have a perfectly serviceable, all-for-one style recording studio to turn them loose in, and we have the personnel to loop some perfectly serviceable rhythm parts while each of the kids gets in touch with her inner rapper.  Every kid is beautiful, and you never know whether today will be the day you got to be a part of some kid discovering his own unique beauty.  And THAT is worth time and effort.

So I played some basic guitar, Brian played some basic bass, Nate played great drums (he's a drummer), Bruce engineered, and we all cajoled them up to the microphone and watched them do a little trust-falling.  Because everybody needs something to catch them, even if that something is a wobbly Caucasian funk beat in E minor.  And they were great.  

Hats off to you, Loring Nicollet — we'll see you next year.

Jourdan Myers