Good Arts Collective





The Good Arts Collective is located inside of the historic First Covenant Church in East Town, Minneapolis.

Red Room img.jpeg

the red room

What was once a unused, empty youth room for a church is now a flourishing multipurpose arts space. The Red Room is a uniquely convertible room, able to hold performance art, galleries, work space, and meetings with just a little rearranging. All great decisions need a large enough space to walk around and spill coffee in. To us, the Red Room is that and more.

sidetown studio

Music is like science, and scientists need laboratories. SideTown Studios is an all encompassing recording studio for members of the Good Arts Collective, and is also available for rental. Used for recording music, podcasts, and for rehearsals, SideTown Studios is equipped with Logic and ProTools to meet the varying needs of our members. Constantly buzzing with new projects and records, this space is essential to the constant creative output that the Good Arts Collective thrives on.

Studio img.jpeg

For usage and rental information, contact us.

The Good Arts Collective | 810 S 7th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55415